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Start with one of these collections:

Whether it be a gold wedding medal, a leather coaster or bottle tag with your logo engraved into it get in touch and I can do it for you.

Available in a selection of leathers but if you are after something specific please get in touch.

I have two ways of making bespoke orders: one way is to engrave your design onto the coaster/cloakroom tag. This is brilliant if you were just after a couple of items. Or if you wanted to check colour/size of design.

Engraved leather coaster

Alternatively you can get your logo or symbol made into a brass die (I outsource this so would need to get back to you with a quote all dependant on how intricate the design is) This would give you the option of a de bossed or gold foiled logo. It works well if you are ordering a lot of coasters/cloakroom tags as the imprint is very clean.  

Debossed logo into red coaster

Blind de bossed as above, or gold foiled as below.

Leather coaster with gold foil logo

Your logo will be etched in to leather and will appear a darker colour to the rest of the coaster, I can't offer a colour of the engraving at this time.


I have made coasters for bars and restaurants, NFT coasters, bottle tags for hotels. Lots of things are possible so please get in touch.


You can order a sample following the link below. I advise you order a sample before placing a large order to check you are happy with the colour and texture.

I will refund the cost of the sample should you place an order.

No matter how big or small please get in touch. I would love to work with you.

Order a sample