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Creating Christmas Magic With These Special Touches

Creating Christmas Magic With These Special Touches

It is officially November and the countdown is well and truly on and I couldn't be more excited!

Discover the 5 ultimate secrets and must-have goodies that will sprinkle some holiday enchantment all around you!

1. Utterly beautiful stockings by By Alex

Gorgeous Velvet Stockings by Alex

I utterly love these gorgeous stockings, imagine seeing them above your fire place. The colours just make me so happy. My favourite is the green.. no the blue.. no the red.. Oh I can't choose they are all amazing.


2. My Favourite Christmas tags ever (I have bought lots) by ButtonBoxCards

Utterly beautiful Christmas tags by ButtonBox Cards

They are even more beautiful in real life if you can believe it. They truly look like Santa has left a gift. I can't recommend these highly enough.


3. Gorgeous little touches from Clara and Macy

Clara and Macy Pin

Laura has so many gorgeous items it was hard to choose, there was something so lovely about this message. Who else finds Christmas the most magical time of year? (I am still a 6 year old at heart)


4. Utterly stunning Crackers by Katie Leamon

Katie Leamon Christmas Crackers 

These are just so elegant, Katie has lots of options to choose from but they really set the scene for a luxury Christmas.


5. Fan favourite, decorate the table with my tree class charms

I couldn't tell you how many of these I made last year, what is great is once bought they can be re used year after year.

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